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Repairable damages – Hail damage repair

The idea of a hailstorm seems mythological. Big chunks of ice falling from the sky as if the gods are angry and want to take it out on us rather coldly. On the other hand, the fact that big chunks of ice can actually fall from the sky appears very exciting. Only when you are prepared for it as when they fall, they hit hard and make sure to leave a mark.

Hails can be quite brutal because they do not only fall on your head but also on your cars, your houses and your other personal property, damaging them in the process. Hails can also severely damage your plants, crops and trees, even that little vegetable garden of yours.

However, the damage caused by hails is repairable to most extent. Many factors can determine the amount of damage hails can cause.

Wind – Direction of wind and severity of wind affects the impact that hails will have on its contact. Fundamental physics.

The material used – The material you use to build your houses with matters a lot, as different materials have different capacity to absorb the hail’s impact. If you are using vinyl sidings, they will crack at hails contact.

Size matters – Hails can be as big as of a size of a softball. Now imagine its impact when they would fall on your roof or your car. It can puncture through the object it falls on. It is not difficult to identify the hail damage when the storm has passed.

  • See if there are that pieces are missing from the asphalt coating of your roofs. Look if the black substrate of your roof covering is exposed. If you find any then this, mean that your roof has been constantly knocked off.
  • If there are cracks on the roof then it means that your roof has been struck by larger hails.
  • If you are checking your car for any impact then it would be easier to find as there are prominent dents on it and sometimes broken windshields.

However, hail damage can always be fixed. Since hailstorm is not planned and in no one’s control, it is mostly covered by the insurance companies. After identifying the damage, you can call your car or home insurance company and see if they will cover hail damage repair in Santa Fe, as different insurance companies deal with this differently. Nevertheless, there are ways you can fix the damage by yourself as well.

  • Put your car out in the sun as the heat will allow the metal to expand and most of the dents will pop out.
  • You can blow hot air at it as it will have the same effect the sun would, letting it pop out.
  • Extreme temperature change can also cause changes in the structure of the material. Apply dry ice to the dent and the extreme temperature difference will cause the dent to pop out.

Moreover, as for your safety, stay inside the house or wear a helmet!