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Why Today’s Cars are Difficult to Repair

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Advancements in technology are propelling every industry and every sector in this world. The automotive industry, among others, has seen a period of high innovation to introduce new features that quickly become expected standards. It can be clearly seen that the cutting edge technology introduced today is the commonplace of tomorrow.

Technological Advances in the Auto Industry

Some of the key areas where the auto industry has witnessed tremendous change include intelligent mobility technology, materials and manufacturing process. The intelligent mobility technology allows the cars of this generation to be fully automated and face all sorts of challenges related to safety, policy, and consumer acceptance. The materials and manufacturing processes are accelerated by offering a solution and coming up with new ideas for fuel emissions, economy, and safety requirements.

Why Repairing Cars has Become Harder?

While the introductions of these technologies have their positives, it also has its negatives that are associated with these rapid changes in technology.
This increased sophistication and complexity has made the job of technicians more technically demanding than ever before. It requires them to have more cross-functional skills that have an understanding of some of the most technical and multiple fuel injection and electronic systems.

Another problem is that for things that are small and require the simple use of a toolbox element, you still might have to visit the official dealer as in the new design you are not able to locate the exact location of different parts that were quite visible in previous models. To fix some problems in today’s cars you need to have some relationship with the manufacturers, who might give you an appointment for some future date. This makes it a hassle for the car owner to use the car for the time in between.

Another concern is related to the complexity of repairs that have been voiced and expressed by the repair and insurance industry. They have demanded that the vehicle designers and manufacturers follow a balanced approach where the issues related to ease of repair must be balanced out with a push towards more fuel efficient and lighter cars.