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Steps Followed by Auto Body Repair Shops to Fix Your Wrecked Auto

Have you ever cringed at the thought of men in coveralls hammering away the dents on your car after a collision?

If you have, that might be the only image of auto body repair shops in your mind. This really was the case almost a decade ago, but thanks to the advances in technology, things have gotten a lot less “hammer-intensive.”

Government and auto design standards have changed auto-body repairs completely into an art. Here are the steps that auto body repair shops follow to get your car good as new before they hand it back to you.

1.    Taking the Estimate

The estimator first does an overall inspection of the vehicle to assess the extent of the damage. This information is given to the insurance company or customer. There is software that auto body repair shops use to come up with a detailed estimate based on the information provided. If the car has been badly damaged more damaged is often revealed when the car is disassembled.

2.    Tearing it Down and Ordering Parts

When the estimate goes to the insurance company, it can take some time before the approval of teardown is given. This is when the company has decided that the damage has been recorded correctly and it is viable to repair the car.

The customer gives the final go-ahead for the repairs and only then as the necessary replacements ordered and the scheduled repairs can begin.

3.    Repairing the Body & Structure

Disassembly has happened by now and the parts have come into the shop. The body structure is ready to be repaired. There is electronic equipment that helps return the car back to default specifications. It makes sure that the car is not weakened in structure and becomes roadworthy once more. Suspension and wheel alignment comes next if it is needed. Mechanical and structural repairs happen before any-body work starts.

4.    Refinish and Reassemble

Next, the body is prepared for paint so that the paint sticks to the body and gives a smooth finish. Sanded parts and coated in primer followed by a base coat of paint. This is followed by a clear coat of paint and left to cure. The additional coat protects the smooth finish of paint.

Once the painting and curing are done, the parts of the car are assembled as pieces of a puzzle. All wiring, airbags, electric wiring, hoses and other parts such as trim and moldings are connected and reinstalled. This is followed by a test for windows, locks and electrical component functionality is done.

5.    Detailing and Final Inspection

The car is detailed carefully, which includes polishing the body paint, buffing and cleaning surfaces etc. The final inspection is then carried out where the customer and a shop representative inspect the car after they get a run through of all the repairs that were done. The customer is shown where the repairs were done by the representative.

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