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How to Tell If Your Auto Body Shop Did the Work Correctly?

Did the custom body shop do a good job?

We can do more than just say, hope so.

Your car was involved in a serious auto accident, and you sent it to the auto body shop.

Now it’s back and you can freely drive your car without worry. However, while driving your car, it breaks down again. It is then the light bulb goes off in your head and you realize the auto body shop never fully repaired your car.

Instead of finding out later something is wrong with your car, find out as soon as they return your car. You need to inspect your car, looking for any signs indicating the auto body shop did a poor job. Search for the following signs:

Have the All the Agreed Upon Repairs been Performed?

When you visit an auto body shop for car repairs, they will inspect the car, telling you obvious and unobvious repairs they need to fix. Ask them to list their repair plan down for you on a piece of paper.

When you return for your car, you can review the paperwork to ensure the auto body shop performed all the repairs correctly. For instance, your car suffered front-end damage, inspect the body panel, replacements, and paint job as well as the following:

  • The body panels for uneven gaps
  • Ensure the doors, hood, and trunk open and close easily
  • The distance between fenders and tires
  • Turn the headlights on and examine the beam alignment

Is the Car Shining Like Its Brand New?

If you receive a dirty car, you should be suspicious. Technically, the auto body repair shop should have washed, cleaned, and vacuumed your car. If you see dirt or dust in your car and old parts in your trunk, it is a red flag. Everything from the engine to the floor mats should be clean. Inspect your car a little closely to see if something looks amiss.

Has the Paint Job Been Done Well?

One of the most difficult things to do is to find a paint matching the rest of your car. This is even true for auto body shops with access to factory paint codes. If you spot faded paint in some areas of your car, the auto body shop has not tinted properly, meaning they need to add more tint to get the perfect paint finish.

For this reason, when you pick up your car inspect it under the bright light of the sun, up close and from afar. Look for imperfections due to dirt specs, hairs, or overspray.

Signs the Job was Done Correctly

  1. Proper steps to determine the extent of vehicle damage.
  2. Assemble and disassemble parts of your car to thoroughly inspect the damage.
  3. Provide you with a detailed report of all required repairs along with a quote.
  4. Order any necessary parts and complete the repairs within the given estimate.
  5. Paint the exterior of your car, if needed.
  6. If painted, it must reassemble the components of your car.
  7. Thoroughly inspect the paint job and check systems to ensure they function properly.
  8. Your car is returned in a spick and span condition!
  9. Performed any needed detailing. If they do not complete the job properly, they need to adjust what they are charging you. (Just in case- here’s a DIY blog on how to detail your car to perfection)

Next time you damage your car and send it to an auto body shop, we hope we’ve mapped out the best steps to take to ensure the job was done correctly. We want you happy!