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Prepare a Plan to Follow Before an Auto Accident Actually Happens

No one wants to be a part of an auto accident willingly. But if it is bound to happen, it will. The best thing to do in such a case is to be prepared.

Here are some things to be prepared for the inevitable.

1.    Keep Calm and Stay Inside

The first thing you need to do when involved in an auto accident is to stay inside your car when it happens. This is especially true if there are other cars rushing by you at speeds of over 100mph on the highway. Turn on your hazard lights and if you can bring your car to the side of the road, do so.

An auto accident can shake even the best of us pretty badly and it’s important not to create more problems by moving about confused, on a busy road. Wait for the airbag gas to clear and compose yourself for whatever comes next. Keep your seatbelts fastened and hazard lights on even if you are not in a condition to pull over to the side of the road.

You don’t know if you’ve suffered internal or external injuries so sitting still is your best bet.

Unless your car is on fire, then find a way to get out and safely make it a safe distance away from the vehicle.

2.    Report it to the Authorities

When you have composed yourself and when the airbag gas clears, find your phone and call the authorities. Inform them of the accident you’ve been in. Remember not to admit any fault because that could get you into trouble.

Stay at the scene of the accident (in the immediate area, if your car catches fire). This is so that you can describe your version of the auto accident and get witnesses to pitch in. Be patient as it may take a while for police to arrive on the scene.

If you or your side passenger does not feel well, call for an ambulance immediately. You can’t immediately see all of your injuries and you require professional medical assistance.

3.    Have an Emergency Kit with You for Times like This

Planning ahead for an accident can provide increased safety. From now on consider having some of the following tools with you in your vehicle. These tools can come in handy if you get involved in an auto accident.

  • A small camera
  • Paper and pen
  • Your mobile phone
  • First aid kit
  • Emergency numbers (relative name and numbers, e.g. mother father, husband, wife) i.e. someone to notify in case of an emergency.
  • Medical information card that displays insurance numbers, allergies and health conditions
  • Emergency flares and road cones for traffic diversion.
  • A few blankets (if the weather is cold)

These essential tools and items can allow you to be prepared. The phone is for you to call the police. If you’re unconscious, your medical card and emergency numbers can help bystanders and emergency personnel help you out and identify you.

The blankets can reduce the risk of post-accident conditions borne out of the excessive cold. The pen and paper help you note down the name and numbers of any witnesses to the accident.

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