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The Steps Followed By an Auto Body Repair Shops to Fix Your Wrecked Auto

If your vehicle has recently got into an accident, you should get it repaired at your earliest. A majority of vehicle owners are only interested in the end results of car repairs. However, knowing about the entire process will ensure you don’t end up paying more than its actual worth.

If the car is still in a working condition, you can drive it to the auto repair shop. Otherwise, they’ll collect the car on their own. Here are some steps the professionals usually follow to repair wrecked vehicles.

Cost Estimates

Before initiating the repair process, an estimator will inspect your vehicle to determine the extent of damages. On the basis of collected information, you’ll be presented with a written estimate of costs. You can use this report to make an insurance claim if your car is insured. The estimate only covers damages to the auto body. Costs may increase later if there are any additional internal damages. The estimator cannot identify such damages until the vehicle is disassembled.

Also, you’ll be notified of the completion date of the vehicle repair process. You need to visit the shop to collect your vehicle. However, if any additional repairs are required, the date may extend.

Dismantling Parts

Once the auto repair shop provides you with the estimates, you can decide whether or not you want to acquire their services. With your approval, they’ll initiate the repair process. Damaged parts will be dismantled from the vehicle body to be replaced with new ones. Make sure they install auto parts procured from verified manufacturers only, to increase the lifespan of your car.

Auto Body Repairs

Once all the required parts are delivered to the auto body repair shop, the professionals will begin repairs. The components often need to be trimmed and adjusted as per the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. The structure of your car will be restored and new components will be installed. Also, they’ll efficiently get rid of any dents or scratches on your vehicle.

The auto body shop workers ensure that all components are properly aligned and address any structural damages. They also work on wheel alignment, car body panels, and corrosion repairs. Later, they’ll continue to work on minor problems such as doors and upholstery.


After the damaged parts are replaced and are back in working order, the next step is to restore the appearance of your vehicle. Your car needs to undergo a refinishing process. The repaired parts will be sanded and primer will be applied before painting them. The professionals will look for the exact matching color for these parts so as to match them with your vehicle.

Now, all components that were removed earlier will be restored to their original locations. Airbag system, electrical wires, and other components will be reassembled at this stage.

Final Inspection

Now that your vehicle is ready, it will be inspected in the presence of vehicle owner to ensure that the repair work is efficiently performed. The payment should be made only after you’re fully satisfied with the service.