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How a Custom Paint Shop Preps a Car or Truck to Win at a Car Show

Car shows unite car fanatics where they can display their beautiful machines. Thousands of people visit car shows to have a look at a large number of custom cars participating in the show. If you want to make it big at a car show, you must focus on the appearance and performance of your vehicle. In order to build a show car, it’s best to purchase a vehicle that doesn’t require lots of repairs.

Whether it’s your first show or you’ve been a regular visitor at such events, you may wonder how these cars are prepared for the show. Here’s how you can prepare a show car.

Create a Plan

It’s a must to create a plan before you start working on your vehicle. You can browse the internet to look for ideas on how to modify your car or truck. You can use your own creativity to come up with some good ideas or find suggestions from other car experts via the internet. Set your budget and plan your activities accordingly.

Clean Your Car

Thoroughly clean the engine compartment of your vehicle. You can cover windshield and fenders to protect them from grease stains. Once you’re done with it, wash your vehicle with an effective cleaning product. Start from the top of your vehicle and gradually move down. Use top quality microfiber towels for efficient cleaning. Get rid of clutter and vacuum the interior of your vehicle.

Paint Your Car

If the color of your car has faded or you want to give it a new look, you may want to repaint it. DIY car paint is more cost-effective. However, don’t try to touch your show car unless you’re experienced in painting a car.

Prepare your vehicle for a custom paint job by getting rid of old paint. Get rid of dirt and debris from the surface and then apply a few layers of primer. Primer not only provides a better adhesion for paint, it also protects the body of the vehicle from corrosion. Use fine-grained sandpaper to smooth out each layer of primer.

Choose high-quality paint to prepare your vehicle for a car show. You can use a paint sprayer for even coverage. Apply multiple layers of paint and sand each layer to remove any bumps from the surface. Wait for each layer of the paint to dry before applying another layer over it.

Use a smoothing polish to perfect your paint job. Finishing glaze is quite similar to polish and covers scratches on the body. Waxing can further improve its appearance.

In order to grab the attention of judges at a car show, you may also want to add beautiful designs to the vehicle body. You can use stencils to draw beautiful designs and use spray paint to add details. Cover the area with plastic sheets where you don’t want to add a custom design.

Now that your car or truck is ready for a vehicle show, you need to focus on keeping it clean. A well-maintained car can easily win a car show.