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Learn How to Read an Auto Body Repair Estimate

Do not delay repairs if your car is involved in a collision or accident. It will impact the performance of the vehicle and you may end up spending a lot more on necessary repairs. Getting an estimate is an initial step to get the issues fixed. If your car is insured, the insurance company will pay a large amount of repair costs. However, you should know about the estimates to make it a smooth process.

How to Get an Estimate?

Getting an estimate for auto body repairs is usually free of cost. Make sure that you contact a reliable and trusted repair service. Do not acquire a professional service just because their rates are relatively lower. Prioritize high-quality work for benefits in the long run. You need to book an appointment so that they can thoroughly check your car. The repair service then provides an itemized list with details of all potential damages. You can send this list to the insurer if your car is already insured.

Now that you have received an estimate of car repairs, you must be aware of the details it covers. Let’s have a look at the sections in an estimate receipt.

  • Contact Information:

The receipt contains information about the repair service that has provided an estimate of repairs. It allows you to contact them as and when needed. Each claim is handled by different employees of the company. The receipt has their personal contact information so that you can directly contact them in case of any problem.

  • Claim Identification Number:

A unique identification number is assigned to each claim. When you contact the team, you have to refer to this number to discuss any issue with auto body repairs.

  • Vehicle Details:

The estimate receipt also represents information about your vehicle. This section contains model, make and year of manufacturing of vehicle that needs repairs. It also lists down all components along with their details that the repair service will install during repairs.

  • Potential Repairs:

The repair service usually completes the estimate process in a day, and thoroughly checks the parts of the vehicle that need repairs. The receipt lists down all parts of your vehicle that are damaged. There are different operations that are performed to repair the body of a vehicle.

In overhaul operation, a repair service replaces the damaged components of the vehicle body. It is usually performed when the accident is severe. It is only performed if components are in a bad condition and can’t be repaired. Once the components are installed, the exterior of the body is refinished to ensure that they match the original color of the auto body.

  • Cost Estimate:

The cost estimate section breaks down the prices of components that will be required during the repair process. It provides labor costs and sales tax too. The net total is calculated after adjustments if there are any. It helps you determine the amount you have to pay after or before repairs as per the company policy.