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What is the Difference between an Auto Mechanic and an Auto Body Repair Person?

“Do I go to those auto restoration shops or a mechanic?”

Great question! Allow us to explain.

Before you learn about the differences between an auto mechanic and an auto body repair person, let’s take a look at the different types of roles in the auto industry. They include:

  • Service technicians
  • Diagnostic technicians
  • Brake and transmissions technicians
  • Body repair technicians
  • Vehicle refinishers
  • Vehicle inspectors

In addition to this, several different types of auto repair also exist, and they include:

  • Japanese and Korean auto repair for vehicles such as Toyota, Hondo, and Hyundai
  • European auto repair for vehicles such as Saab, Volvo, and BMW
  • Domestic auto repair for vehicles manufactured in the United States
  • Brake repair for vehicles experiencing grinding or/and squealing of brakes
  • Transmission repair for vehicles experiencing grinding, jumping, and slipping during acceleration when you shift gears
  • Engine light diagnostics and repair for vehicles with “check engine light” on

With this out of the way, it is time to tell you about what makes an auto body shop mechanic different from an auto body repair person.

The Role of an Auto Mechanic

When your car requires repairs, you visit an auto mechanic. The auto mechanic will repair everything other than body damage. Auto mechanics have the tools and experience needed to remove and replace damaged parts.

They will inspect the mechanical systems of your vehicle, noting down any required repairs. If all you need is to have a professional check your engine light or find the source of the noises emitting from your car, you will head to an auto mechanic, not an auto body shop mechanic.

The Role of an Auto Body Shop Mechanic

An auto body shop mechanic works at an auto body shop. As the name suggests you will go to them if your car requires any body work done. An auto body shop mechanic will restore your car’s appearance, making it look good as new. Like their counterparts, auto body mechanics have the experience and tools required to ensure your car is safe to drive. Additionally, the can perform any required body repairs to restore its appearance. If you want to get your car to look like its old self again, visiting an auto body shop mechanic will be your best choice.

Even if your vehicle has suffered slight damage to its exterior, you should still visit an auto body shop mechanic. The smallest changes in your vehicle can change its appearance such as panels shifting and twisting. When you take your car to an auto body shop, the mechanic will inspect the car from all angles and then provide you with a comprehensive report on what they need to do to get your car looking like it did before the collision.

Restoring the Appearance of Your Car

You do not need to be a professional to look at the cracked bumper or dented bumper to know it is misaligned. What you cannot tell is whether or not the body panels opposite from the point of collision also suffered any damage? The collision could have moved or deflected the panels, resulting in misalignment or damage to the paint.

For this reason, consider going to an auto body shop mechanic as they can check for both. Even though an auto mechanic can also do this, they do not offer paint services. If your car requires paint work, might as well go to an auto body shop mechanic who will match the existing color of your car’s paint. While we are at it, if you do get a paint job, make sure the auto body shop follows these guidelines.

In short, for all mechanical repairs, visit an auto mechanic and for all aesthetic related work, visit an auto body shop mechanic.

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