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Steps an Auto Body Shop Takes to Fix a Basic Car Dent

If you own a vehicle, you may find yourself visiting an auto body repair shop from time to time. Accidents may occur anytime due to your own mistake or by the carelessness of other drivers. You won’t need to visit an auto body repair shop if you know about the steps mechanics take to repair your vehicle. Here’s everything you need to know about the procedure of fixing basic car dents.


If your car is in a bad condition, you can ask an auto body repair shop to tow it, or else drive the vehicle to the shop. After that, an estimator will thoroughly check your car to estimate the repair expenses. The expenses are noted down and a brief document is sent to the customer. If your car is insured, you ought to share the information with your insurance company. The estimates will give a general idea of expenses. You may have to spend more if any further damage is noticed during the repairing stage.

Body Repairs

If you’re satisfied with the estimate report, you can acquire the services of auto body workers. They’ll then tear down the damaged parts and new parts will be ordered from the manufacturer. Make sure they order high-quality parts in order to enhance the performance of your vehicle. Many car owners prefer to buy cheap parts in an attempt to save money. However, low-quality auto parts get damaged easily and also affect the overall performance of a car.

The workers disassemble the vehicle and repair damages in the structure. Wheel alignment and suspension problems are addressed. If your car is equipped with an electronic system, it’ll be restored to factory specifications. All mechanical and structural repairs will be performed at this stage.


Once the workers of auto body repair shop are done with the repair work, they’ll paint new parts to match with the body of your car. It’s extremely important to match the colors, or else it will affect its appearance and appeal. A coat of primer is applied on the parts to provide better adhesion. Then multiple coats of paint are applied to restore the original look of the vehicle.

After that, your car will be reassembled. Also, parts will be trimmed to perfectly fit in their place and the body paint will be polished. A test drive will be performed by the repairer to ensure that your car is ready to get back on road. Before handing it over to the owner, the interior and exterior of the car is washed. Lights, windshield wipers, and other systems are also checked to ensure that they’re in optimal condition.

Final Inspection

Once your car is tested, the auto body repair shop will notify you and you will have to visit the shop for post-repair inspection. On your visit, the workers will explain the repair process. You should carefully analyze the repairs and take a test drive. If you’re satisfied with the quality of work, you’ll have to clear the bills before taking your vehicle with you.