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How to: Getting a Custom Auto Paint Job for a Classic Car

Ask any custom auto painter about their biggest goal in term of auto painting, you are likely to hear at least half of them tell you that they want to do an impressive auto paint job on a classic car.

Why a Classic Car?

The timelessness that classic cars often bring with them is unparalleled. No matter how many Lamborghinis or Audis you end up painting, the charm of painting on a 1963 Corvette Sting Ray or a 1964 Aston Martin will be in a league of its own.

If you as a custom auto painter also dream about getting a classic car to work on, there are some ways that you can go about this to achieve this dream. However, you might not see many classic cars that are looking for custom auto paint jobs. For starters, classic cars are a rare sight on their own. There are not many around, to begin with!

Second, since these vintage beauties are very precious to their owners, the owners, in turn, are very picky when it comes to choosing a custom painter for their car if the need arises. Only a selected few custom auto painters would make the cut!

Still, if you are passionate about working on a classic car, the two most common ways of doing so are:

1: Attend More Classic Car Auctions:

An auction that just features classic cars is a good place for you to check out if there are any auto painting job biddings that may be going on at the event too because they usually are!

The fact that there are biddings offered for custom paint jobs for classic cars should give you a little idea of how tough getting a classic car paint job can be! There are likely to be a lot of bidders there so make sure you bring your A-game to the auction.

Make sure that you know the model that is being auctioned because otherwise if you do end up winning the bid, it might make things difficult for you later on. So when the car is being auctioned, do take some time out to examine its model so that you have a fair idea that if you do end up winning the bid and getting an opportunity to paint it, how would you go about it to do a good job.

2: Get in Touch with a Team of Professional Custom Auto Painters:

In addition to auctions, some classic car owners prefer a team of professionals they could actually meet up with before they hand them their car. So if you do custom auto painting as a freelance task, consider networking with a team of professional custom auto painters.

Custom Craft Auto Collision has an excellent and highly talented team of custom auto painters that you can consider networking with. They often do get classic cars that require custom auto paint jobs.