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Steps a Custom Auto Painter Takes to Complete a Custom Paint Job

Car enthusiasts are not only eager to know everything about the latest models of cars, they also enjoy driving well-balanced vehicles like nothing else. Many people customize their cars to enjoy driving to the fullest. In customized cars, the engine is modified to enhance performance and the body of the vehicle is repainted. If you want to customize your car, take it to a professional custom auto painter. However, you should also know about the steps an auto painter follows to get done with the paint job.

Here are some materials and tools that every custom painter uses:

  • Sandpaper
  • Paint stripper
  • Paint spray
  • Newspaper
  • Masking tape
  • Paint primer
  • Water
  • Colored paints
  • Sealer
  • Stencils
  • Wax
  • Polish
  • Prepare Your Car

In order to custom paint your car, an auto painter will prepare it for the paint job. For this purpose, they’ll first get rid of old paint. Workers always wear a protection kit to stay safe. You can either use sandpaper or chemical paint strippers to remove layers of paint. Expert auto painters recommend removing paint outside of the paint booth.

Wash the metal body so as to get rid of dirt and debris from the body of the vehicle. After that, sand it all over in order to get a smooth surface to easily paint your vehicle. Apply sheets of newspaper, plastic, or masking tape on the vehicle where you don’t want to apply paint. Move your car to the paint booth.

Apply Base Coat

Before applying the first coat of paint, you need to apply primer with a sprayer. Primer allows you to apply layers of paint smoothly and provides better adhesion. It also protects your vehicle from rust and corrosion. Apply multiple coats of primer and smooth out the surface with the help of wet sandpaper once it gets dry. You can apply an additional layer of sealer for better protection against rust.

Apply Paint

Now that the auto painter is done with preparation, they’ll paint your vehicle in desired colors. You can choose the color and quality of paint to your liking. Most experts prefer the use of paint sprayer since it provides a uniform coverage. You need to apply around seven to eight layers of each color over the entire vehicle body. After applying each layer, you should use sandpaper to smooth out the rough surfaces.

Always use fine quality sandpaper to remove any bumps in an efficient manner. Start applying paint from the top of the vehicle body and gradually move your way down. However, apply the paint in alternate vertical and horizontal lines, if you’re using metallic auto paint. Also, keep the paint sprayer 10 inches away from the surface.

A custom auto painter can create different designs on your vehicle. Use newspaper to hide the surfaces where you don’t want to use stencils. Keep stencil on the surface and use spray paint for different designs. Expert auto painters can create free-hand designs, without using stencils. Polish the paint and then apply a layer of wax for quality results.