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Auto Body Experts of Santa Fe Tell You When the Best Time is to Buy a Car

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Buying a car is a decision based on several factors. One of the important factors is of course making sure you can afford the purchase.

Did you know the timing of your purchase also affects how much money it is going to cost you?

Based on the time of year you buy a car, you can save thousands of dollars! So, if you’re looking to buy a car, don’t just pay attention to the color, the type and the rims. Here are some other factors to consider as you shop:

Go for May or October

You’ll be happy to know you have two different times in the year when you can buy a car –  May and December. During May, the dealers are more focused on improving their quota and attracting more clients before the closing of their accounts. This means, they are more flexible and open for negotiations.

Based on when they do their quarterly report, you can have a window from May to June or July. The same case is applied to shopping for a car in October. They’re looking to improve their performance and meet the quota for the year. Again, you have a window from October to November or December to make your purchase and negotiate the price and terms.

Monday is the Best Day

So, what happens if you need to buy a car in an emergency and you can’t wait for May or October? No worries.  The good news is, certain days of the week are also good times to buy a car.

Avoid going on the weekend since there will be too many customers. This means the dealers won’t be as interested in selling the car to you if you’re not happy with the price.

Going on Wednesday gives you more freedom since there will be fewer people for the dealership to sell to. This means you have their undivided attention to negotiate since there’s fewer leads for them to work.

If Wednesday’s don’t work for you, Monday is the next best day to go. True Car ran a comparison and found buyers save 7.36% more on Mondays and 7.40% more on Wednesdays as compared to other days of the week.

Holiday Deals are Solid

Sometimes, you will see dealerships offering massive deals on holidays – huge savings, good financing options and more. Many people are usually wary of these deals but there’s nothing to be worried about here. If you are working with a good car dealership, you can save a lot of money and walk away with the car of your dreams.

Remember to get the holiday deals before the holiday comes. Many dealerships won’t be open on the holidays, so take advantage of the deals as soon as they go up. Whether it’s Labor Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day or even New Year’s Eve, you can get a good deal. New Year’s Eve is popular because of the savings you get. Again, the dealers are interested in improving their sales before the closing of the accounts. On average, if you’re getting a car for $20,000, you can easily save up to $1,660 with ease.

With the help of these tips, you can buy the perfect car without worrying about your budget.  If you have any other questions, ask away! We are more than happy to help.

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