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Advice to Follow When Dealing with Insurance Companies After an Auto Accident

Auto accidents are not what you would call fun.

The aftermath, which includes dealing with insurance, is enough to stress you out. The following pieces of helpful advice may help you deal with auto insurance companies after an auto accident.

Recorded Statements? Not Worth It

Most insurance companies give you an option for giving a recorded statement and they do it for good reason. They use this statement to lessen the extent and amount in your coverage. The recorded statement may not reduce the coverage and settlement if you’re extremely lucky. But these recorded statements do not help much with getting better coverage from your insurance.

Collision Coverage or Damage Claim

Many people opt for their own collision coverage rather than going after the other party carrier. With the former, you get your car’s repairs first and the investigation goes on afterward. This makes your car roadworthy quicker. The deductibles will need to be paid on the spot for this option, however. If the fault is not your own, your carrier can also recover those deductibles and give you a reimbursement.

The other party damage claim can take longer as the carrier for the other party will conduct due diligence by talking to other drivers and witnesses before accepting your claim. Till that time, you’re without a car, so pick carefully.

Get an Attorney Before the Statement

The attorney can help mitigate any risks you might be taking on while giving your statement, so make sure that you have an attorney by your side before you give the statement to the insurance company.

Make Sure You Attorney Knows Your State’s Laws

Practice caution before any recorded statement is given. Speak to a lawyer to find out the ins and outs of your state’s law first, at least. And whatever you do, do not give any recorded statement to the other party’s insurance company. There is no legal duty on your part to do this.

If you’re not getting an attorney immediately, you should only call them to report your claim and confirm the opening of the claim. Just tell them the date time and place of the incident and don’t give any statements to them. Call them up, if necessary, only after you have finished your medical treatment or have a permanent condition as told to you by your medical practitioner.

Gather Your Own Evidence

Right after the crash, if you don’t have physical injuries, and are safely away from mainstream traffic, you should take some photographs of your damaged car and of other cars involved in the accident. Also take pictures of any destroyed property like trees, guardrails, and fences or other property. If you have any injuries, you can also take pictures of those as evidence for medical insurance.

If any of your family members were involved and have suffered injuries that are visible, photograph those too and encourage your family members to document their recovery by taking photographs of those injuries every few weeks.

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