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How to Deal with The Other Guy’s Insurance Company after an Auto Accident

Short answer: you don’t.

Experts say that the smartest thing you are capable of doing in regular situations is to keep your mouth shut. You do need to, however, call your own car insurance agency for information regarding the case. Despite how things may seem you aren’t bound to talk to anyone other than the reporting police officers and your own insurance company.

You don’t know your whole medical situation

If you have been in a serious car accident and have suffered major injuries, your full medical diagnosis cannot be completed as there are way too many variables at play. You could end up giving them an inaccurate representation of your health and incorrect portrayal of your injuries and their extent.

If you talk adjusters without an attorney, you could give out inaccurate information that sets an artificially low reserve amount, this would result in you losing out on money and having to fill up that gap from your own earnings.

That boosts the odds that a lawsuit will have to be filed. Which means you could have to wait months to get paid.

There are exceptions where you may talk

If the accident is minor and you are not at fault leaving the other driver at a 100% fault, you might talk to the other adjuster to get the matter settled fast, this is usually the case when you would want to talk to the adjuster. If this becomes a hassle one can always attach a report.

But if your accident and injuries involve any of the following, get a personal injury attorney involved:

  • Broken bones, hospital stays, and long-term health consequences
  • Medical treatments more than $2000
  • Missing more than a day or two of work/school or normal activities
  • Any dispute about who was at fault
  • Several people were injured
  • Insurance companies are playing rough

You do need to give a statement to your own car insurance company

You do have a contractual obligation to cooperate with your car insurance company.

Your insurance policy is bound to contain language that requires you to issue a recorded statement if the adjuster states that he may require it. If the adjusters do manage to ask you can always request the adjuster to define for you the exact language in the contract that requires it, this would either put you in a position of power whereas it can also backfire if you haven’t checked your policy and referred to it before.

One would do well to remember that own insurance company can potentially take a position against you, making you completely helpless and owing every other involved party that would be there. So, you should think long and hard about every little fact you manage to give in a recorded statement as it can come back and bite you as readily as your insurance carrier can.