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4 things to consider before having an exotic car paint job

Ironically, the last job done on a car is the first thing people see i.e. the paint job. It is similar to people judging you for the dress you wear. Similarly, the paint job on your car can attract or repel anyone, even a potential buyer who might be interested in a bid. For car owners, to get the exotic paint job they wish, there are a few things to ascertain so that they can decide to get the right job done on their car.

1-Retain Color

The color of your car becomes your own identity and changing it is what most people find hard to do. It is up to your preference. Do you want to stick with your mark or get a new image? Be sure to account for other factors such as weather and rust. Light colors reveal these most and can give your car a pretty dirty look if the rusts and scratches are too visible.

2-Function of the car

The purpose of the car you keep it for matters probably the most. In case there is a dusty weather which causes wear down on the paint quickly, an expensive finish is not a good choice. Do not compromise on the quality of the paint, however, a very exquisite and costly job when worn down by frequent usage in a daily driven car would be heart breaking to see. If you like to show your car around and use it not as frequent as daily then do not be afraid to follow trends.

3- Appeal

Remember that your car’s paint is like the suit you wear. Your personality and that of your car go together. If you have a good income and wear expensive suits, a simple straight job is not the right one for you. Give careful thought to make your car’s image consistent with your life style and personality. The colors you choose, the job you want to get done must have a unique appeal. Bright colors that stand out are best to make the strongest impression.


If you have an old model car, applying modern themes to it would hardly be a good idea. Old models in new themes reflect a desperate attempt to infuse life in the car. If, however one of the themes from its age is used then it reflects you have a well-maintained car; who knows you might even get a good price on it. Decide the theme by understanding your car and the era it speaks of. Know if you have a modern, a classic or a vintage car.

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