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Maintaining Your Show Paint Job on an Expensive Car

Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, etc. if you own any one of these luxury cars then you’ll know the importance of keeping up with their maintenance. While all the other factors are just as important and often focused upon, one thing that the owners tend not to give a second thought about is the paint jobs. Of course, if you own a luxury car, you have to keep up the appearances. This is why amongst all the other aspects to look at, you should also think about the show paint job on the expensive car.

Expensive car paint jobs

Owning an expensive, luxury automobile means that you also own the glances of awe every time you drive by but what happens when, even though your car might be particularly amazing, but the paint job makes it look old and rusty? Of course, it wouldn’t have the same value as a similar car with a shiny new coat. This could happen even if you just took your car for a paint job, that’s why your main focus should be maintaining the coat in its original way. After all, you can’t have the money you spent on the paint job go down the drain. Here are a few tips you can follow to keep up a show paint job on the expensive car.

Tip #1: Car wash

How you wash your car matters, a lot. Often people tend to use whatever soap that comes in front of them, for example, dish washing soap, laundry soap, etc. but beware, you can’t waste your money spent expensive show paint by completely destroying the paint. They destroy the finish and strip away the car’s wax. Next thing you need to know is to keep the time spent washing it on the down low. The longer you wash it, the more the water droplets will remain back and cause a stain.

Tip #2: Drying

Next step is drying. Do not, under any condition, use an ordinary towel or cloth to wipe the exterior, this could cause scratches on the body. That’s why you need to use a microfiber towel and make sure you dry it in a shady area where the sun rays are unable to affect it or you could simply air dry the car.

Tip #3: Detailing

After the washing process is done, you can detail the car through various methods like polish, glaze or clay bars to actually get that shine. But before trying that out, it’s important that you know how to properly use the materials first.

Tip #4: Waxing

Last but not least, once all the process is done, you should look into waxing your car to really get the proper look. Remember, waxing should be done every 3 months and through expert guidance.

Remember, it’s of utmost importance that you take care of the show paint job on the expensive car to really keep up its appearance. If you have trouble with regarding that or any concerns about your car’s paint job, simply contact Custom Craft and trust them to take care of all your needs.