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Steps to Ensure Quality Paint Jobs on Show Cars

If you have a show car you want to put up for public display, there are quite a lot of things that you should consider beforehand. Since you’re going to be putting up your automobile for public eyes to feast on, you really should consider understanding and taking care of the aesthetics of it first. After all, what better way to gain public affection than giving the audience something to gawk at!

Preparing your show car

While ensuring your vehicle is in perfect condition, you need to keep a paint job as its first and foremost priority. Show car paint jobs are considered as artwork in the most literal sense. Here are a few steps you could follow to ensure your car gets a high-quality paint job.

  • Pre-paint preps

The first step to ensuring the best show car paint jobs is preparing your car for the process. Which means you need to make sure your car goes through the proper taping process and all the necessary bodyworks is properly carried out. Body work includes getting rid of rust, cracks, and any other visible damages, and waxing and greasing to get rid of loose material, etc. All these steps make sure that the paint looks flawless on your car and there are no bumps or chips that would easily scrape it off.

  • Getting the paint ready

While the automobile might have gone through the necessary preparation, you need to make sure your paint is of the best quality as well, which means, you have to carefully prepare it. While it might seem like the only reason paints are used is to give the car its exquisite exterior, the paint function revolves around taking care of the metal body underneath. You need to look at the type of paint you choose as well because that ensures not only the quality but also the durability. However, before you go around looking at paints, you should first begin with a primer.

What is a primer?

Primers are pre-paint substances that are applied on top of items to provide them with the necessary adhesion. Not only that but it protects the materials being painted and also prevents the paint from fading away or chipping off too soon. Make sure you pick primers that are best suited for the paint you’re going to be using.

  • Applying the paint

Unlike normal paints, you can’t just brush the automobile with paints. Once you’ve chosen the color, you have to use a spray gun to properly layer the coat on your car. Just make sure you don’t miss out any spots during the application and then leave it to dry.

Of course, going for a show car paint job isn’t really as simple as the steps above, this is just an overview of the important things you need to focus on. Remember to follow professional advice to prepare your show car for the big day and if you need any help, simply contact Custom Craft, a team of professionals waiting to address your vehicle’s needs.