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Safety glass – Know your automotive glass types

When a car is built, every feature that is added to make sure that your car provides you with the best driving experience. One thing that can never be overlooked in the production of cars is the safety issue. When we look at a car or any vehicle, the windscreen and the rear windows are always, which seem to be the weakest. Since they are made of glass and glass represents fragility. However, these harmless-looking automotive glasses are in fact very resilient when it comes to enduring pressure.

The purpose of a car is very rugged. It faces many up and downs, bumps, and jerks every day, which exert a pressure on the glass all the time, making it vulnerable to shattering and cracking. Which is why the glass used in your cars is different from the ones you normally see in your house windows.

There are different types of automotive glass used and they both serve a different purpose.


Laminated glass is made by joining more than one glass sheet together with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in between. PVB is a plastic like substance, resin that is used where strong bondage is required. It is tough and flexible and provides great optical clarity. Laminated glass is mainly used for windshields as a safety glass because it can take much pressure on impact without shattering into pieces, which can be harmful to passengers. If broken, the pieces do not go off here and there flying.

Why does it not crack? The binding substance, which is polyvinyl butyral, in this case, is there to absorb all the force that releases from an impact and stops it from throwing the broken glass into motion. One other reason why laminated glass is used for windshields is that they are good protectors from ultraviolet rays as they deflect most of them.

In addition, when faced with an accident, the laminated windshields keep the roof of the car intact and prevent it from crashing down. There are many auto glass companies in Santa Fe, which provide with excellent quality automotive glass without compromising your safety.


By the word ‘tampered’ we can understand that it is a type of a glass that is made by treating it to modify its original properties. It is treated by heating it or with chemicals. This process makes the glass five times stronger than the other glasses. Although the glass does not withstand the impact when hit, even if it breaks, it does so in tiny pieces with rounded edges to avoid harming the passengers.

Tempered glass is used in rear windows, side mirrors, vent glass and rare windshield. Tempered glass does not come with a possibility of repair, unlike laminated glass. If it breaks, it must be replaced. Similar to laminated glass, tempered glass serves its special purpose and auto glass companies in Santa Fe are also providing with tempered glass because of its importance in the automotive glass industry.